Get Exposure To The Most Exciting Crypto & Blockchain Markets With The Security of a NYSE Publicly Traded Stock ETF - Bitwise (BITQ)!

At this point at time, it seems like everyone around the world has herd of the Crypto market revolution lead by Bitcoin, the most valuable and widely used currency in the world (with a market cap of over 1 Trillion Dollar!).

While many people know about the extraordinary profit opportunities in this market, most still do not feel comfortable with the process required them to convert their fiat money to digital assets and opening a crypto broker account that is not managed under the strict regulations provided by NYSE stocks and ETF’s, supervised by the SEC. During 2021, the US SEC (Security and Exchange Commission), for the first time approved the formation of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) for the crpto & blockchain industry. Those ETF’s hold the largest and most exiting companies that operate in the crypto and blockchain sector.

One of the most exiting ETF asset added to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) this year is the Bitwise (BITQ) Crypto Industry Innovators ETF. The Bitwise ETF is traded under the ticker symbol (BITQ). The ETF consists of 30 companies that are leading the new crypto revolution. The ETF tracks the combined performance of those 30 companies, while each company had different weight in the portfolio depending on the ETF manager assets allocation strategy. Following list of some of the fund current holdings. In order to understand the potential of some of those ETF holdings, lets look at RIOT Blockchain from the list below, which rallied 2,000 % !! within 4 months during November 2020 – February 2021. In addition to those new and exiting companies, you call also find some of the largest and strongest companies in the technology sector in this ETF; companies like Tesla, Nvidia, Square, Advanced Micro Devices, Coinbase and more…

We believe that the security of the ETF structure along with the 30 high quality companies that this ETF holds, provides retail traders the security and liquidity that traders demand along with the benefit of professional managed portfolio diversification you receive by just buying the ETF BITQ shares.



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