Visa, Inc. provides digital payment services. In addition, they facilitate global commerce through the transfer of value and information among a global network of consumers, merchants, financial institutions, businesses, strategic partners, and government entities. Visa offers a debit card, prepaid products, commercial payment solutions, and global ATM services. Since it was initiated in 1958, Visa took over the payment process industry and continues to grow.

Currently, V stock is up nearly 38% year-to-date! Performing the US indices. Considering the booming economy and rising consumer sentiment, we believe Visa will continue to dominate.

Recent reports show that Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales figures reinforce the bullish story for Visa stock. A recent article on “USA Today” showed that Americans spent a record amount during the last Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Research firm Adobe Analytics expected online sales to hit $9.4 billion. That represents a 19% rise from 2018’s numbers and also marks an all-time record.

The shift in payments to new methods such as mobile, cards, online and via wearables (smartwatch for example) paves way for long-term growth. Lastly, the acquisition of Visa Europe provides a long-term growth strategy. Also, its international business has been expanding in numbers and services, while the company continues to maintain a very strong capital position, making it a stable growth company.

Looking at the Visa chart below, we can see how the stock has been constantly rising with very limited shake-offs. Currently, Visa is trading at the $180 level; the price is above the long-term moving average and the 50-day average which shows good support and near-term positive price momentum. A break above the recent resistance at the $185 level, should quickly send Visa to trade above $200.mk_image src=”” lightbox=”true”


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